Sunday, October 15, 2006

Day 12 - Broadway and Lots of Food

Weather: Somewhat gloomy day with occasional glimpses of sun. Day ended with a storm.

The weather didn't look promising so decided to skip the beach and went shopping at Broadway instead. HM realized she had shopped there before. Why did that not surprise us? Anyway, it was closer to town than we expected. Could have walked from Railway Square. Inner West bah!

Finally bought some clothes at Rebel Sports – a sweater, a pair of shorts (red!) and a Nike t-shirt.

Then we bussed to Chinatown to yum cha. We were in need of a good meal, something comforting, but we couldn't decide where to eat – how could we tell which restaurant would be good? God knows, we didn't want to blow our money and waste an opportunity on a mediocre experience. Suggested accosting a friendly Chinese uncle to ask for a recommendation but strangely enough didn't encounter any. Finally picked East Ocean restaurant on the basis of its Singaporean namesake. We wondered if the restaurants were affiliated. The logo looked vaguely familiar.

Anyway, the entrance to the restaurant was suitably dubious – a dark narrow staircase leading up to who knows what. But the restaurant was big, and full of Asians – a good sign if there was one. And voila, the dim sum was good – BIG and fresh. Good value for money - our Cantonese aunts would approve...

Had the following: har kow, braised pork ribs, egg tarts, carrot cake, century egg porridge, oiled vegetables (haha literally), xiao long bao, potstickers, soya sauce chicken, almond jelly.

Décor was standard for Chinese restaurants. There must be a Chinese restaurant guild somewhere that insists on gilded trimmings, red carpet, Chinese calligraphy. And then there were the tacky Christmas decorations hanging from the ceiling...

Moseyed back to Broadway on foot – we needed the walk to ease our distended stomachs - and we made it back indoors before it started to rain. Shopped at K-Mart and then watched Team America at Broadway Hoyts. Movies are so expensive in Sydney. The tickets came up to A$30, ouch. Then again, we didn't know if Team America would make it to Singapore and it was hilariously funny.

Apparently there was a big storm while we were indoors, oblivious to it all. Flights to and from Sydney had to be suspended for an hour or two, due to hail.

Despite our huge lunch, we decided to stuff our faces at the Balkan Restaurant. Of course, we don't get Balkan back home in Singapore so it was a not-to-be-missed opportunity! Even HM agreed...

We shared the mixed meat and seafood platter for two. It came with a refreshing salad and cabbage rolls, yummy. The grilled octopus was the highlight, tender, juicy and nicely caramelised. After dinner, we had cappucino in cute little cups and sat back to soak in the sights and sounds. Most tables were occupied by family groups. Everyone was speaking Croatian. (We asked our motherly Balkan-sized waitress...)


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