Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Day 10 - Newtown

Weather: What a bright and sunny day. Stayed that way till the evening, and after a slight drizzle, it was clear skies again.

great minds think alike

After all that rain, it was a brilliant day at Bondi, lots of sunshine, plus a dip in the water (ooh cold!). We checked out the juice bar, Sejuiced, which was good. Had a Pink Delight (apple, watermelon and lemon), a Zinger (lemon, ginger and something else?), and a lovely tuna wrap. Yay, tuna... Unfortunately, the other joint had a cute name, Chish and Fips, but blah food - some unmemorable pasta salad and some fruit salad...

different strokes for different folks

a deserted beach somewhere?

yuck, ugly

After we had had some sun, we headed to Newtown. An interesting place - would stay here if not for the fact that it's too far from the beach and surrounded by industrial parks. That last detail was quite depressing actually. Someone thinks Newtown is quite happening. HM thinks it's too hippy dippy.

Rosalina's in Newtown though earned three thumbs up and two burps from us - score one coconut for Lonely Planet. We had:
  • Fettucine marinara - Someone was sweet talked into having the A$25 dollar special. But it was impressive, with lots of very very succulent and fresh seafood i.e. mussels, lots of scallops, prawns. The fettucine was oddly mushy and not al dente at all but it worked. HM said it tasted like Italian mee pok.
  • Chicken cacciatore – lots of alcohol and olives and huge portion of chicken breasts. HM said it tasted like the version that she makes at home. Shhh, better not let Italian uncle waiter hear that.
  • Crème caramel for dessert – yummy

There were lots of old fogeys in the restaurant. Our guess was that younger Sydneysiders prefer chi chi-er restaurants. The restaurant was quaint and tiny and they played muzak. The waiters all looked like they belonged to the Family and ran guns out of the kitchen. Still, one waiter baby-sat for a couple while they had their meal. He pushed the pram up and down the sidewalk. Now that's good service.

Burping garlic, we went bookshop hopping. Gould's had a wonderfully cute cat. It was so friendly and manja. Came over to be scritched. In fact it went to everyone to be scritched. Was at food bowl to snack when he spotted HM. It promptly abandoned all thoughts of food to insist on scritches. Have never seen a cat stop eating to be petted. He's so social!

Found a Barry Hughart (score 10 coconuts). Someone is very chuffed 'cos she got the book cheap and gloated that they probably didn't know the true value of the book. Last seen on e-bay for US$30 *rolls eyes* Thinking back, it was more likely that the book was buried in the three-storey high pile of books at Gould's and not noticed at all.

There was an orange cat in the third bookshop we hit, not as social as the gray cat but cute too.

Footnote: Someone got majorly sunburnt on right shoulder due to ineptitude in applying sunscreen. HM said, "Why can't you be more flexible?" Ouch.


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