Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Day 9 - Rain Plan

Weather: It finally broke, and it rained on and on and on...

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night

Went to Bondi for brekkie. Very depressing to see the beach under such bleak conditions. Someone was conned into eating the famous "The Lot" breakfast special at Gabby's café. There was enough food for 2 people...

Gabbys Cafe in happier and sunnier times

a beautiful tribute

and another one

and now for something completely different...

Despite the gloomy conditions, we walked from Bondi to Bronte. From there, we took a bus back to Bondi Junction. Oh well, shopping was always good. We ended up buying more prezzies - a mini-bonsai kit, choccies...

HM was on a rampage and checked out every single surf and bikini shop. I think she tried on almost every Seafolly bikini. No luck though as she left Bondi Junction with only a pair of Paul Frank flip flops.

Went to Coogee in search of a meal at A Fish Called Coogee. It really rained so we got soggy looking for the place. HM especially was cold and miserable. And whose fault was it? Time to replace our raincoats with more waterproof ones. Fortunately, the food was worth the search. The fish was flaky and tasty. The tartare sauce was laced with wholegrain mustard!

Back at the hotel, we decided to hole up in the room. Ate salad and fruit for dinner. Too tired to venture forth. Sounded like it rained the whole night.

Footnote: The cleaning lady gave us extra choccies! She said it was for keeping our room so neat and tidy. We think our room was a mess. What did other people do in/to their rooms?!?


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