Friday, October 27, 2006

Day 0 - Getting to Know Sullivans

Getting to Sullivans was really easy. We just hopped outside the airport to the bus area and spoke to someone in a uniform. A$9 and the little van sent us right to Sullivans' doorstep, and we got a tour of Sydney's hotels to boot, courtesy of the other passengers. Ours was the best little hotel.

front entrance of Sullivans

Accommodation in Sydney is relatively expensive, so it's hard to compare dollar for dollar with where we'd stayed previously in other countries. Moreover, December is peak season for Sydney. This was listed as a three-star, although at first glance, it looked more like an upmarket motel maybe, albeit one with a gym and a pool.

not so impressive from the outside

but nice enough inside - the courtyard

with a pretty decent pool

The first thing that struck us was the size of the room - we would be hard put to swing a cat in it, that small it was. We wondered if we would end up killing ourselves or each other from the claustrophobia. But once we got past the size of the room, it was clear to us that there were many good things going for it.

The room was solidly functional. It wasn't what one would call pretty but it was not at all pokey. What it was though was thoughtfully equipped. For instance, there were lots of power points, the most I've ever encountered in a hotel room of this size - five, not inclusive of those for the tv, radio etc. Maybe they cater extra power points for electronic sex toys?

Other features included:

  • a work space (they should consider installing a thingum for cable locks though)
  • one downlight each for the work space, left and right side of the bed, with individual dimmer controls! Away with the ugly fluorescent lighting...
  • tv and coffee-making facilities, complete with little sachets of tea and coffee
  • small fridge, thankfully devoid of the usual over-priced junk hotel management hopes that you will drink or eat in desperation
  • ironing board and iron
  • safe
  • free movies on call (watched "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" for the nth time, so can now mouth bits of dialogue and lipsync...)

space for stuff

check out the wall-mounted hair dryer

The best part was the bathroom, with its wall-mounted hair dryer! And it was clean too – no stains, no hair in the corners, water drained away. And no drips! Cute little shelves above the wc meant we could put all our toiletries away and keep them dry.

Oxford Street

Last but not least, Sullivans' main advantage for us was its excellent location – at the top of Oxford Street, Paddington, in between the gay district and the upmarket shopping stretch along Oxford. The bus stop was just outside of the hotel. This meant easy access to the city, to the beaches and just about anywhere. We were ready to paint the town red, yeah!


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