Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Day 3 - Bondi, Yes!

Weather: A little uncertain for about two hours, then glorious sunshine the whole day

We decided to make a break for the beach since the weather suddenly turned fine, but first, a little brekkie at Anastasia's (the place with "The Cheapest Dinner!") across the road from Sullivans. For A$6.90, I had two poached eggs and some bacon on Turkish bread – not bad lah, the price. HM had a cup of lemon and ginger tea.

To HM's annoyance, I insisted on checking out the Paddington Market before heading for Bondi. She wanted to hit the beach bright and early, before it got too hot, but I was loath to miss the market since it was only held once a week.

shoppers browsing at Paddington Market

haggling at markets is de rigeur everywhere

Sydney in a snapshot

something for everyone

The bus ride to Bondi Junction took only about 15 minutes. From there, we walked to Bondi Beach.

yeap, Bondi here we come

backpacker digs at Bondi

We weren't the only ones. The Sydneysiders were out in droves too. Couldn't blame them – sunshine after two days of gloom, it was the weekend, and the beaches were beautiful. No wonder Australians don't watch a lot of movies. Who would want to be indoors with such bounty available outdoors?

never too old to enjoy Bondi

shouldn't lifeguards be buffer?

not exactly beach art, eh?

those are surfers, not gulls

Something happened at Bondi when we were there. There were ambulances, fire engines and a helicopter. Overheard: someone fell off a cliff. (Confirmed in the next day's Sydney Morning Herald – some woman from Redfern fell 5 m off a cliff. Apparently, she was lucky to have been found at all by two divers who happened to surface near the rocks.)

Had lunch at Bondi Beach - wraps and juice from a stand. I thought my chicken caesar wrap was less successful than HM's grilled vegetable wrap. Her drink made from carrot, ginger and orange was foul though, yuck, not that she minded. Got even more sun-burnt sitting out in the sun while munching. Ouch!

Then it was time for the 10 km Bondi to Coogee walk.

not the yellow brick road but close enough

Nature, the artist at work

such a great idea, these rockpools

Walked to Tamarama and Bronte. Passed by the cemetery with the best view in the world, Waverley Cemetery. The views from up there were stunning. Did whales ever swim pass?

perfect peace indeed

what a view

so sweet...

Walked to Clovelly and Coogee. Clovelly Beach looked very swimmable. HM said that people snorkelled there - tempting! Coogee Beach was having some sort of family day which meant it was crowded. It might have been nicer on a weekday.

the end of the road - Coogee Beach

Had a snack from one of the concession stands - some kind of pseudo Thai/Vietnamese rice paper wrap with avocado. Very pleasant indeed, especially since there was no cheese in it! The cheese was getting to me, especially the generic cheddar that was ubiquitous.

From Coogee, we took a bus to Taylor Square, just two blocks away from Sullivans. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get around Sydney. Maybe the bus routes were planned for tourists like us.

HM was too tired to face a sit-down dinner so I trotted out and across the road to pack dinner from Indian Home Diner. I had vegetable korma, lamb with spinach and dahl - very strangely sweet and mild - and bought chicken tikka for HM. I had a bite of that - seemed nicer than my korma. Was there some kind of pattern here?!


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